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You can get the address of the closest vodafone store  nearby your location by just visiting their official website  and click on store locator to enter your city or pincode:

Vodafone Store Locator: https://www.vodafone.in/help-support/store-locator


About Vodafone: Introduction and History

Vodafone is also a telecomm company which was founded 28 years ago in 1991 by ernest harrison and gerry whent with its first registered office in london, UK. Vodafone in today’s date is a brand. Founded by Aditya Birla group and Vodafone group, it has established in India as well. The company provides 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G data and calling services in over 30 countries which is undoubtedly a good number. Vodafone is in the lead when it comes to the best connectivity providers. The brand focuses on providing the best customer experience and valuable services. Aiming at the betterment of the users and the company, Vodafone works with a future plan of both the parties(users and providers) in mind.

No brand has ever gotten to success without hard and smart work. So today, we will narrate to you the success story of Vodafone.


Fun Fact: Vodafone is the short form of Voice and Data on Fone(phone).

Vodafone Services Near me

Vodafone has proven its ability to provide the best and fastest services in your nearby locality and all over the globe. Here are some that might interest you:


In 2007, an app for making mobile payments was launched by Vodafone. Not exactly by Vodafone but, a company named Safaricom which was 50% owned by Vodafone and the other 50% was owned by a Kenya based leading communication provider. This app was named M-Pesa.

M-Pesa gained over 1.6 million customers in Kenya during the first quarter of 2008. In the next three years, the number had reached 14 million in Kenya. This was the 40% of Kenya’s total savings.

Now that the initiative was proven successful in Kenya, the company decided to extend the business to a new country- AFGHANISTAN. Here, in Afghanistan, M-Pesa was launched for a different purpose. Vodafone launched their app as a means of loan repayment, business-to-business applications and salary distribution. This was another great move by the company. Vodafone did not just make one app and spawned it all over the globe. Instead, they did some digging over what a country needs and gave them their dream money transferring app.

Soon after the launch of M-Pesa in Afghanistan in the second quarter of 2008, the company declared that M-Pesa would move next to South Africa, Tanzania and India.

Ever since, the app has spawned to different countries with a rich economy and gained users for the company.


Health services

During November 2009, the company made a big announcement regarding yet another service provided to the needy. This service was a health service which works on immediate messaging. It is called the SMS for Life which focuses on healthcare and public wellness. With the help of SMS for Life, people can get healthcare on one message from their phones. This service helped the country keep a track of the medical supplies and health ratio of the country.

This real time service saves time and maintains a proper record of whatever goes on in the country regarding healthcare.


Vodafone Foundation Edit

Through the slogan “Connecting for Good”, Vodafone initiated a very thoughtful project named The Vodafone Foundation. This project aims at charity services done through mobile technology. With the help of Vodafone Foundation, many vulnerable were supported in the times of need.

To meet the success of the project, the company collaborated with various established and well known businesses.



Tescos is yet another great initiative taken by Vodafone. The project allows users to reach out to emergency contacts through their mobile phones in case of any sort of domestic violence. The users are immediately sent an emergency help.


Safe Taxi System

Portugal is the next country where Vodafone stepped out with another thoughtful initiative of Safe Taxi System. In this project, any taxi driver in the country can easily reach out to police if they sense any sort of danger around them. This project has helped maintain safe travel around the country.


Learning With Vodafone Solution

This project is basically for teachers. The Learning with Vodafone Solutions project was launched in India to help the teachers understand some basic concepts and enhance the quality of education.


Vodafone was the first ever company to establish a mobile phone application to track lost vehicles. Vodafone Automotive had started its investigation on the project in 2001 and soon after the research was completed, the anti vehicle theft app was introduced. This app created a large space for Vodafone in the European countries.

Undoubtedly, the anti theft vehicle app has been the most appropriate approach of Vodafone which has been proven helpful.


Maastricht was the first country where Vodafone established the fastest connection ever, Vodafone 5G. This network was established on the existing network in the region. Vodafone collaborated with Dutch network providers and together, brought about a change in the quality and speed of network in the region. Although it is still a start-up and test idea, soon the companies will reveal more information and details about the newly launched 5G services.


In the 4th quarter, Vodafone Idea Ltd. has reported a great loss. This loss had gotten the company into the concern of further problems related to consumers and services.


A total net loss of Rs 6,438.8 cr.(approx) was reported by the company. In the previous quarter, the loss was around 50 crores. According to the analytics, the loss could further take the company to 4.6 more crores.


Even after being the best company in Asian and European countries, Vodafone has been facing constant loss in the revenue and consumers. According to the reports, the company has lost over 5 million consumers.


Talking about the reach, Vodafone has the widest reach range among all other telecom providers. It has spread its connections over 43 countries with global 4G roaming in 168 countries as of today.


Consumers have been constantly complaining about the services of Vodafone. Network and call connective is getting poorer and poorer day by day. If the company does not take strict action towards its connectivity issues, the number of lost consumers would only increase.


As the leading networking company, Vodafone has won various awards. Here are a few listed for you:

  1. LinkedIn Top Attractors 2017 Award: 20th rank.
  2. CIO Choice 2018 Award for best services.
  3. The Brand Trust Report: among the top 10 most trusted brands.
  4. Flame Awards Asia 2017: Silver for Best Farmer Connect initiative, Bronze for Best use of Social Media.
  5. Aegis Graham Bell Awards 2017.
  6. Voice and Data Telecom Leadership Awards 2015, Vodafone RED got special recognition for marketing.

Products And Services Offered By Vodafone Nearby Stores:

  1. Fixed Line Telphone Service
  2. Mobile Phone: 3g, 4g Mobile Services
  3. Digital TV
  4. IP Television
  5. IPTV

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