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Jio customers who are searching on google for jio service center near me can use our steps below to locate address of popular jio service center nearby their location.

Jio Authorized Service Centers Near Me

It is very easy to find nearest jio service center by just visiting the url : and put your city and state in filters to get the exact address of jio service centers closest in your city or town.

History of Reliance Jio

Reliance Industries Limited was split into two in 2005. Both the Ambani brothers chose their businesses thoughtfully. On one hand, Anil Dhirubhai Ambani took over Reliance Infocom while on the other hand, Mukesh Ambani took over Infotel Broadband Services Limited.
Mukesh Ambani stepped into the digital 4G world with the help of high spe3d 4G network optical fiber. This network was stronger than just any 4G connection. The new sim cards were launched at great offers. This connection is called Reliance Jio.

Initially, to establish the network all over the country, there were many offers being run. Free internet, free calls and free sim cards were being given to the customers. Lyf phones became the bait for the public until Reliance Limited played their next move with the Jio Phone 1.
Soon, the company got its success and is now the leading telecom provider all over the country. Read more to know how Reliance Jio reached the top level in just no time:

Reliance was not the first ever company to use the Give, Give, Give and Ask strategy but other widely established companies have played the same game like Google, Skype, etc. Here is how they brought this strategy in force:

Free Internet And Jio Service Centers

When Reliance Jio was launched, they provided free internet to their users for the first 3 months. The data limit was 4 Gb per day which is definitely a good bait at 0 cost. After a particular time period, the data limit was reduced to 3 Gb per day. And then to 2 and 1. Eventually, it was always a good game because it was free.
Their first plan was to establish the company in the market and so they did. Their number of consumers increased by millions in just a year.

To earn the revenue, after the tried period, Jio 4G data packs were still affordable at 300 INR for 1 Gb data per day for 84 days. Customers who had already bought the SIM didn't mind paying this much amount for a good connection.

Unlimited Calling:
Jio was the first ever company to provide free voice calling to any network from a Jio sim card. This was another big move made by the company to establish the network all over the country. Everyone, poor and rich was wrapped around the little Jio sim card.

This was a lot of investment by the company but the investment was definitely fruitful. Today, Reliance Industries can be seen growing rapidly and the credit goes to none other than Jio telecommunication.

Various jio apps like Jio music, Jio TV, Jio cinema, etc were launched for the Joo users' entertainment. This was another reason for the other telecom consumers to switch to Jio.

This was all about the "Give Give Give and Ask" strategy used by Mukesh Ambani. No doubt he had invested 150,000 crores in this project but we also know that his investment didn't go in vain.

Today, Jio is the leading telecommunication provider which has given a great competition to good telecommunication providers like Airtel and Vodafone. The company has crossed over 360 million users and aims at crossing 500 million by the end of 2025.
Jio Services
As soon as the sim-cards were sold in a large amount, Reliance Jio initiated some apps for Jio users. Initially, these apps were launched as beta versions so that users can test them and give their feedback. Now, these apps are very popular among Jio users. Some of these apps are:

1. Jio TV provides live TV serials and similar services.
2. Jio Cinema is an entertainment app like Amazon Prime and Netflix.
3. Jio ChatMessenger is a unique chat service for Jio users.
4. Jio Music is an inbuilt music player in Jio phones while it is also available for other phones too.
5. Jio Mags is a good app for readers and magazine lovers. It provides a free subscription to various magazines.
6. Jio Xpress News, like the name suggests, provides daily news.
7. Jio Security is a security app.
8. Jio Drive is used to save files on cloud storage.
9. Jio Money Wallet is a money transferring app like Google Pay and Phone Pay.
Every company goes from ups and downs but Reliance Jio Infocom Limited has only been through ups and ups. Here are some of the milestones they have reached and set a record for other telecom providers:
50 Million subscribers in 3 months:
Within the first three months of launching the 4G services fully, Reliance Jio limited had crossed 50 Million subscribers.
This large number of users made the company reach the highest number of users in the country. There was no other telecommunication provider in the nearby competition to Jio. 50 Million Subscribers was a new record set by Reliance Jio and it had been a success for the company.
For the new record, the company has gained around 1000 customers every minute and about 6 lac customers every day in the third quarter.

Launch of Jio Phone 1:
One of the greatest moves made by Mukesh Ambani was the announcement of the first ever 4g supporting keypad phone- Jio Phone 1. This phone looks like a normal keypad phone but it is no less than a smartphone. This phone supports whatsapp, facebook, youtube and other facilities.
According to the company, there were 500 million people who used a basic phone and did not have access to 4G services. The phone was launched for them which is why the focused launch was at second and third tier cities.
Just like the other strategies worked, Jio Phone 1 spread in the country like a wildfire. The purchase rate was immensely high.

Launch of Jio Phone 2:
Once Jio Phone 1 was a proven success, Mukesh Ambani's another big announcement was made for Jio Phone 2. Jio Phone 2 is a qwerty keypad phone which has almost similar features to Jio Phone 1, comes at a little high price and is definitely convenient to use.
Jio Phones have been increasing the consumer rate of Reliance Jio.
Jio Phone 2 also comes with 4G support and has 2 Sim Slots which allows you to use a sim card of another telecom provider as well but the first one needs to be Jio.
Jio Phone 2 was launched to make the texting and social media accessibility easy.

WhatsApp Support in Jio Phones:
Initially the Jio Phone did not come with WhatsApp feature but the growing need to make the phones more smart, Reliance Jio developed WhatsApp for Jio Phones. Further, Jio phones now support Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook, Google Assistance a lot more.

Sold 60 Million Units:
Since the Jio Phones came into force, 60 Million units have been sold and now the company aims higher.
Most of the sales have been made in rural areas where, before Jio 4G, people were deprived of internet and smartphones.
What we can see here is the clever strategy of Mukesh Ambani who focused on the rural population of the country and made resources available to them at the cheapest they could afford. Now, everyone uses smartphones and is connected with their loved ones because of Reliance Jio Infocom Limited.

There were and have been won various awards by Jio Reliance but some of the awards where Jio stood #1 are:

● Jio Cricket Play Along has won the ‘Best Use of Mobile Marketing’ Award held at the Global Mobile Awards in 2019.
● JioSaavn was recognized by Fast Company as one of the ‘Most Innovative Companies of 2019’. It was also ranked #1 in India.
● Ranking No. 1 in ‘The Fortune Change the World 2018’ Reliance Jio reached the Top10 list and stood at No 1 in India and at 17th position globally in Fast Company’s ‘World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies for 2018’.

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