Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination

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Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination

Course: Digital Payments
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination

Demonetization has changed the attitude of people towards the digital payments. Digital Payments are very popular among the youth, but still the ratio of the population who regularly use the digital payments is very less. To increase the inclination of the people towards adopting the digital payments, Govt. of India has decided to introduce another round of demonetization. The currencies of denomination Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000 will be
withdrawn from circulation and the new rule says that any payment above Rs. 200 will need to be done through digital medium. Your parents and grandparents have never used digital payments. Explain to them what are different digital payment options available to them and how to use it.
(10 Marks)

The second round of demonetization has created a lot of chaos, and as and when more and more people are adopting it, the frauds are also increasing and discouraging people from using it. Again, your parents and grandparents are confused about the above aspects and concerned about the security of the transactions they do using digital payment systems.
Explain to them the security threats associated with digital payments and provide them guidelines to remain careful while using digital payment systems.
(10 Marks)

Mr. Sagra is a businessperson and understands technology very well. He envisions that the future of digital payments is bitcoins. However, he doesn’t have any experience of trading in bitcoins. He consulted you as an expert in crypto currencies and requests you to provide your valuable services on

How to buy and store bitcoins. (5 Marks)

To understand different features of block chain. (5 Marks)

Course: IT Security and Risk Management
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination

There has been a recent online breach of system security in a Government organization. As a system administrator with the organization you have been tasked with implementing information security and assessment process within organization. Please enumerate the process you are going to follow to offer robust information security to
both the users and management. (10 Marks)

Staving off critical threats in the current cyber security landscape is a tall order for organizations of any size. When a security breach happens, questions will be raised: Did the shortage of skilled cyber security personnel play a part? Was it down to pure negligence? It would be impossible to say for sure. However, what we do know is that a general lack of capabilities in detection and response is putting organizations across the globe at risk. This can show up in an organization not being able to detect malicious activities fast enough, thereby allowing threat actors to incur significant damage, or not having enough granular information to stamp out such activities from its environment. What are the steps or techniques that an assessor should adopt to ensure successful implementation while formulating a report on the information security assessment process? (10 Marks)

As the coronavirus spreads, colleges are scrambling to respond to potential health-care crises, campus closures, and other issues that are arising and evolving on a daily basis. A major challenge: How can institutions continue to offer instruction if they decide to close or cancel in-person classes? A growing number are moving classes online as a short-term solution. Universities wants to implement an access control system for its physical and virtual network. Once the access control is implemented, the university is looking towards a regular monitoring framework for its network so that its network is protected towards malicious attacks. As an IT head for the university. Please suggest:

An integrated access control framework for the university so that the access to system, physical and virtual resources can be controlled. (5 Marks)

A monitoring framework for the university so that its network is monitored and its

knowledge assets and Intellectual property sensitive information can be secured.

Course: Managing Business Process Outsourcing
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination
With the help of an example explain the lifecycle methodology for Business Process Outsourcing. (10 Marks)
With the help of an organization that outsource it business processes, explain the benefits of Business Process Outsourcing and what are some of the risk/challenges faced in Business Process Outsourcing?
(10 Marks)

The rise of what is known as business-process outsourcing (BPO) in the Philippines has been nothing short of phenomenal. The very first calls were taken in 1997; today the sector employs 638,000 people and enjoys revenues of $11 billion, about 5% of the country's GDP. Last year the Philippines even overtook India, long the biggest call- center operator in the world, in “voice-related services”. The country now employs about 400,000 people at call centers, India only 350,000. The main reason for the success of the Philippine call centres is that workers speak English with a neutral accent and are familiar with American idioms—which is exactly what their American customers want. Of these, many have taken to complaining bitterly about Indian accents (which no amount of “voice neutralization” coaching seems to have overcome). As a result, the Indian firms themselves have been helping to move jobs to the Philippines by setting up call centres in Manila and other parts of the country. Infosys and Wipro, as well as scores of other Indian firms, now have substantial operations there. And they aren't drawn to Manila by cheap labour. Wages in the Philippines are slightly higher than in India since the Filipino accent commands a premium. It also helps that the country has a big pool of well-educated workers. The million or so Filipinos who graduate every year have few other options to choose from, besides emigrating. And working in a call centre is considered a middle-class job (new recruits start at $470 a month). The big question is whether the Philippine BPO industry, having conquered the call-center market, can now move up the value chain. To keep growing rapidly—and profitably—it needs to capture some of the more sophisticated back-office jobs, such as those processing insurance claims and conducting due diligence. In these businesses,
called knowledge-process outsourcing and legal-process outsourcing, India still rules supreme.
(Source: The Economist:

Based on the article, answer the following questions:

Compare and contrast the BPO industry in India as well as the Philippines and summarize the findings in terms of future of BPO in both the countries. (5 Marks)

Looking at the scenario, it’s clear that other countries like China and Philippines have great potential to beat India in the BPO industry. What can India do to maintain its leadership for the same? (5 Marks)

Course: Research Methodology
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination

Explain what is meant by independent variables and moderating variables. Identify any three independent variables and any three moderating variables from the Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) model as shown below. What is dependent variable? Identify the one from this model.
Explain the types of scale that are used in the following survey questionnaire:
Gender (male/female)
Age (no. of years)
Annual income in Rs. Lac
On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely will you recommend our services to your friends? How will you measure the central tendency for gender and age?
(10 Marks)
“We must quickly work out how to reduce the cost of our production process. Without reducing the cost of production process by at least 20%, we can’t turn profitable. It’s an important and urgent exercise!” Mr Godbole, newly joined CEO of Acme Chemicals tried to emphasize the urgency and importance of the proposed exercise to his senior colleagues.
“Yes, I will immediately form a task force consisting of internal subject matter experts and produce a report within a couple of weeks”, Mr Mehra, Head of Production quickly
responded. “I have a differing thought,” interrupted Mr Iyer, Head of Sales. “We should invite an external consultancy firm for this work”. “Why? Why do we need external guys when we have the expertise internally?” Mr Mehra was clearly upset with the proposal of Mr Iyer.
What arguments will Mr Iyer will put forth? (5 Marks)

What arguments will Mr Mehra will put forth? (5 Marks)


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