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Business Economics
The concept of elasticity for demand is importance for determining the prices of various factors of production. Discuss the various factors that influences the price elasticity of demand (10 Marks)
Complete the hypothetical table below and explain in brief, the behaviour of each type of cost. (10 Marks)

Fixed Cost
Variable Cost
Total Cost
Fixed Cost
Variable Cost

Demand forecasting in an organisations plays a vital role in business organisations
It provides reasonable data for the organization's capital investment and expansion decision.

Keeping the above statement in consideration. Discuss the various steps involved in demand forecasting (5 Marks)

Discuss the various needs for demand forecasting in business organisations? (5 Marks)

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Financial Accounting & Analysis
Internal Assignment Applicable for June 2020 Examination

Ms. Sandipa is the accounts executive for a company called SS Enterprises. Her job description requires her to supervise the process of recording of the transactions of business and to ensure that all accounting assumptions are taken care of. However, her junior executive is confused about the concepts of the accounting period assumption and the Separate entity assumption.

Elaborate how Sandipa can explain the concepts to her junior with the help of suitable example. (10 Marks)
Marry Kom is planning to invest in the share market. She has a profile of risk seeker investor but she believes that before investing it’s important to understand market ratios effectively. Discuss any five market ratios with their importance that Marry Kom should look into before undertaking any investment decision (10 Marks)

The following information is available in relation to Britannia Baby Company. The Company has profit before taxes of Rs 50 lacs.
Classify and give reasons for the cash flows falling under the operating activities
(5 Marks)
Classify and give reasons for the cash flows falling under the investing activities
(5 Marks)

Rs in (Lacs)
Tangible assets purchased during the year
Depreciation charged on these tangible assets for the year @ 10%
Stock sold for the year
Loan given to Big Boy Company
Interest received from Big Boy company for the said loan @11.5%
Shares purchased of a company called as Arvind Mills
Dividend Received from Arvind Mills
Taxes paid for the year @ 30%

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Information Systems for Managers

Customers today are using different channels to engage constantly with their preferred brands. These customers are responsible for spreading electronic word-of mouth thereby influencing others. You have recently started your venture of an online grocery store. As an organization that has traditionally been dealing with customer’s offline, you realize the need to turn to using customer relationship management software to
engage with your customers. What are the pros and cons of using this as a means to engage with customers effectively? Justify your standpoint.

Green IT (green information technology) is the practice of environmentally sustainable computing. Green IT aims to minimize the negative impact of IT operations on the environment by designing, manufacturing, operating and disposing of computers and computer-related products in an environmentally-friendly manner. As a digital consultant to a mid-size organization what approaches to Green computing will you recommend to this organization? What are the benefits an organization can reap by implementing green practices?

The Indian mobile market has grown significantly over the past couple of years. The gaming industry is undergoing a massive evolution because of the mobile revolution. Investments from big players such as Alibaba, Tencent, Nazara and Youzu has led to a rapid growth of gaming in India. The market value of the gaming industry in India was around 62 billion Indian rupees in 2019 and was estimated to go up to over 250 billion rupees by 2024. As the country with the largest youth population in the world, India is embracing the new generation's interests in digital sports and entertainment. Approximately 55 percent of casual gamers and 66 percent of the heavy gamers across India were seen to be below 24 years old in 2016. Of these, the heavy gamers simply preferred to use their mobile phones as gaming devices instead of the traditional desktops or even laptops.

Mobile gaming in the country is growing at a rapid rate due to development and affordability of smartphones. The market value of mobile gaming in India was
estimated to reach about 405 million U.S. dollars by 2022. The number of mobile phone gamers was anticipated to be around 628 million by 2020 according to the forecast. Computer and console gaming has played a huge part in shaping up the gaming industry across the country in the last two decades.

What are the different cyber-crimes that can be caused by playing online games? Give examples. (5 Marks)

How would you educate your customers to prevent them from being a victim to cybercrime while playing online games? (5 Marks)

Management Theory and Practice

M/s Landmark Construction is facing severe issues between the Management & its union on salaries and other matters. Both the parties are extremely strong & are not willing to budge from their respective stands. As an external consultant, you have been advised to identify & verify all possible conflict resolution techniques. Enlist the advantages & disadvantages of each of these techniques & suggest the best possible conflict resolution technique to solve this standoff between the management & the union. (10 Marks)
You have been appointed as an external consultant to M/s PoleStar & Co. It has been observed that employees are currently unsatisfied with the policies of the company & furthermore, a lot of employees have been leaving the organization. What would you do to motivate existing employees & to get hold of new talent from the marketplace. Suggest at least 5 innovative approaches towards employee motivation
(10 Marks)

a. Perform a SWOT analysis on IBM USA? (5 Marks)

3.b. Which type of Organizational structure does IBM follow (Functional, Divisional or Matrix?) & enlist the advantages & disadvantages of this form? (5 Marks)

Marketing Management

Mr. Amish has written a self-help book “Happy Happy” which can be read by people from all walks of life. The book revolves around a core idea of being happy in all stages of life. The publisher doesn’t have any distribution network of its own.
Mr. Amish delivers session in many management schools on the topic “Happiness”. He is very popular among students and corporate. He also delivers session as a key note speaker in many management conclaves and seminars.

Mr. Amish has no online and social media presence. He doesn’t write blogs or articles. Mr. Amish is a good author but has no idea about marketing and distribution of books. He hires you as a Marketing consultant for overall marketing and distribution of books.

What are the distribution channels that you will use to distribute the product across Indian market? Explain the same with reason. (10 Marks)

Suggest the Geographic, Demographic and behavioural segmentation for the book “Happy Happy” (10 Marks)

a. Explain five online social media platform through which you will promote the book.
(5 Marks)

Organisation Behaviour

Leadership is said to be a vital quality which is becoming very rare in the organisations. It would not be wrong if we say that it is a progression where an individual solicits the backing of other entities for the completion of mutual objectives. The leaders are the visionaries and also act as a catalyst in terms of influencing and inspiring others. Based on the above statements discuss the significance of leadership in any organisation. Conclude by answering that how the organisation would fare if leadership is not right?
Harvey and Louis are Team leaders of team A and B respectively. Harvey is very open to feedback and does not let his perception rule his decision. He takes action based on facts and figures whereas Louis get carried away with his perception. Team A is very happy and motivated team which is clearly visible by their performance and just the reverse goes for team B. Louis takes aid from a self-help book where he reads about the managerial implications of perception. When he does a self-analysis he understood that all this while he was working totally under the influence of his perception. Louis decides to take a plunge and modify his behaviour. Discuss any three managerial implications of perception and conclude by stating that what could have made Louis change his way of behaving? (10 Marks)

Karan and Jacob are co-workers. They both are working in the same project but their work values are very different from each other. Karan belongs to GenX (The X Generation) and relies a lot on the team-work as well as its (team’s) progression and upliftment, whereas Jacob is from GenY (The Y Generation) or the Millennial and for him self-reliance is more important. Though they share a great personal rapport they always are found having disagreements at work.

Explain the reason for their disagreement? It is natural to have such disagreement, give concluding remarks for the Jacob (5 Marks)

Introduce the value system of your generation. Discuss the rest of the generations and their values? (5 Marks

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