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Employee Development & Talent Management
1. Meenakshi is working in Bright HR solutions. The company is into a lot of HR related work and works with really big size companies. Meenakshi is into Talent Management department and needs to design talent assessment system for a large pharmaceutical company. Please help Meenakshi to design the system by listing out talent assessment tools in detail.
2. Ayushi is a part of Employee Development Program at Sonic Services. With over 1200 employees at three different development centers, the program needs to be robust. The department of Employee Development is about 15 people large and Ayushi’s group is responsible for arranging resources for the program. Please list out the steps followed in arrangements of employee development. (10 Marks)

3. Vivek is a fresh management graduate. He has joined Telson Group of companies in the Talent management department. He is working on the project of Succession planning for one of their plants with his Chief HR Officer. In light of this case, please answer following questions.

a. Vivek needs to explain the importance of succession planning to his senior managers. Enumerate on the objectives of succession planning for him to start his presentation. (5 Marks)

b. List out the stages involved in succession planning, so that Vivek can start his ground work for the process to start.

International HR Practices
Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2019 Examination

1. ABC Ltd. is a leading Electronics manufacturing company in India. They are planning to set up their first international plant in Indonesia. In a Board Meeting the Directors are sitting with a problem to decide which model of IHRM to follow in order to manage people employed in Indonesia. You are an HR Manager in ABC and you were invited in this meeting. HR Director, Mr Jain, had advised you to
suggest Matching Model of IHRM. Explain how you will convince the Board for Matching Model. (10 Marks)
2. ITB is a leading FMCG Company in Mumbai and they are planning international expansion in Asia. The company wants to know the recent trends in international staffing so that correct steps can be taken in advance to react to changing business environment. You are an HR Manager in the company and you are asked to make a presentation on ‘Recent Trends in International Staffing’. Explain the recent trends that you will discuss in the meeting. (10 Marks)

3. PHILIX is a leading Textiles company in India. They have set up a plant in Mexico as part of their international expansion strategy. The plant has 100 employees. In this context, answer the following questions.

a. Which methods of performance you will suggest as an HR Manager? (5 Marks)
b. Suggest a Performance Management Cycle for the Mexico Plant.

HR Audit

1. Kavita Foods is a family owned business, which is going in for a HR Audit. The management team consists mainly of family members. The business has been quite profitable but they now want to expand. Your company has been appointed as the HR audit firm. The CEO of the company has asked you to present the various methods of conducting the audit. Please list out the various methods of audit along with benefits and limitations as per the context of the case.
2. Surya Enterprises is in the business of setting up Solar Power plants. It is a part of a large business conglomerate, who is into many varied business sectors, right from automobiles to defense equipment manufacturing. Inspired by Japanese business practices, the Chairman of the conglomerate decided to go in for a Business excellence model, which would help align all the businesses along with a similar process of structured and sustainable business growth. The CEO is keen to include the HR department as part of this excellence journey. The CEO of Surya Enterprises has appointed your company to help him with this. Your company has recommended the creation of a HR scorecard. You need to share a note to the CEO detailing out what the HR Scorecard is, as well as the inputs that go into creating the scorecard and the steps to create the scorecard. (10 Marks)

3. Computerz Limited is a software company with offices across India. They have well defined HR policies and a competent HR team. The employee performance levels have dipped over the last 3 years and the attrition levels are also increasing. The CEO has appointed your company to conduct the HR audit. The focus area for the audit is Employee Motivation and Employee Engagement.

a. Describe the employee engagement audit as well as some aspects being evaluated as part of the audit (5 Marks)
b. Detail out the importance of employee motivation as well as the questions the audit seeks to evaluate.
Strategic HRM
Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2019 Examination

1. You are brought in as the new Director of HR for a company in the distribution industry which is the merger between Company A and Company B. Company A began as a family business which acquired a number of small companies over time. As a result of all of these acquisitions, the company was less standardized and more decentralized internally and was somewhat of a combination of cultures to begin with The culture of Company A is quite varied. Some areas of the company are focused on metrics and quality, others are focused on job satisfaction and employee attitudes, and still others are not focused on either. Generally, the company strives to produce a range of high-quality products and services, but the way that this occurs is unstructured throughout the company. Company B was a large company which was standardized internally with a strong culture surrounding processes and procedures. Company B has a centralized structure with clear employee policies. Company B is focused on quality control. They stress standardized processes and procedures across all business units. They have a clear mission and goal that emphasizes one thing: productivity. Company B has been successful with strategy monetarily, but its employees are often overworked and overwhelmed. Both companies have fears regarding losing desirable aspects of their current culture.
a. Discuss the role of strategic HR functions in Mergers and Acquisitions?
b. What strategy would you use to resolve the culture differences between these two organizations to create a new organization with a cohesive culture?

2. You work for a global professional services firm, which has been seen for decades as an employer of choice. Last month, you were promoted to the position of Vice President, Human Resources. The promotion comes at a time the organization is experiencing a decline in revenues, an increase in competition, high voluntary turnover in the US and abroad, and declining market share. Anecdotal information suggests that the cause of voluntary turnover is due to a poor employee benefits/total rewards strategy, employee engagement and organizational culture. The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has requested your analysis and recommendations on improving the total rewards strategy in an effort to improve employee engagement; reduce voluntary turnover and enhancing the employer’s brand.

a. What are specific actions you can initially take to identify and validate how total rewards are having an impact on the organization? Explain your rationale.
b. Identify and describe the challenges the organization faces in managing the design, delivery and financing of a total rewards program on a local and global perspective. (10 Marks).

3. The slump in the South Korean economy in late 1990s was bound to have an effect on Hyundai also. The automobile segment was among the first to be hit by the downside in the economy. The domestic automobile sector had negative growth of almost 55% in 1998 compared to the previous year. Hyundai was responsible for almost 50% of total automobile production in South Korea and was therefore badly hit. The domestic sales of the company fell by 55% in the year 1998 and its exports crashed by 74% to only 15,056 units. Hyundai recorded a 200-billion-won loss in 1998. According to company officials, Hyundai's six assembly plants with a yearly production capacity of 1.65 million vehicles, were operating at only 40 percent of their capacity. In May, 1998, Hyundai reacted to this grim situation by announcing plans to lay off 27 percent of its 46,000 workforce in South Korea and to cut pay bonuses and benefits in a bid to save 230 billion won. Unfortunately for the management of the company, Hyundai had one of the most powerful and militant unions. The decision of the company to lay off workers sparked off agitations not only in Hyundai but in other companies too. The unions were particularly offended at the government's approval of Hyundai's decision. In a demonstration in Ulsan, where Hyundai has its biggest automobile plant, 32,000 employees participated in rallies. All across South Korea almost 1,20,000 employees from about 125 companies participated in demonstrations against Hyundai and the government's decision. The government had to deploy nearly 20,000 riot police to control the demonstrators...
Labour Problems in the Early 2000s
On September 1, 2000, Hyundai officially cut ties with the Hyundai Group and had relocated its head office to Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Korea - a move that was seen as symbolic of its rebirth as an independent automotive business group. In December 2001, Hyundai forecasted its highest profits ever - $900 million for the year. In the same year it posted 23.4 % in unit sales and a 74.5% improvement in net income. Most importantly, Hyundai vehicles were being accepted as a technologically advanced, stylish and reliable in overseas markets like the US and Europe. In the United States, the world’s largest auto market, Hyundai recorded a 42% sales increase in 2001. This was an era of growth, reorganization and new market exploration. But the success story was marred by another strike threat in Hyundai.
Workers at the Ulsan plant went on a two-day strike in December 2001, demanding higher wages and higher bonuses. They also demanded a 30% share in the profits that year as a performance bonus.
The management clarified, that though the company had done well that year, it could not afford performance bonuses to the tune of 30% of profit. The reasons given were: firstly, the increased influx of imported cars into South Korea was bound to hurt Hyundai's market share and margins in South Korea.
Secondly, General Motors' purchase of Daewoo was a threat that could not be ignored or taken lightly, and the company had to gear itself up to be able to compete with General Motors, and lastly, the most important reason stated was that due to the appreciation of the Korean won, Hyundai cars were becoming less competitive in international markets and profitability consequently would be hurt.

a. Industries need to adopt proactive policies with regard to Industrial Relations which help to prevent any rise of conflict rather than waiting for such situations to occur and then planning a strategy. To what extent this approach was visible in the Hyundai’s Industrial relations policies. (5 Marks)

b. “Since the very beginning, employee participation, and employee involvement (together known as participative management) define the essence of Industrial Relations”. Kindly justify this statement in terms of this case study.
Get NMIMS 4th SEM PGDHRM SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS MBA SEPTEMBER 2019 call us at 9773820734 or mail us at

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