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Business: Ethics, Governance & Risk

1. The ubiquitous cctv cameras are everywhere and meant to monitor as well as protect you in your workplace. What according to you are the pros and cons of using video surveillance in work place for monitoring employees (two each)?

2. In your organization, ‘Smart Solutions’, a midsize IT services company, one of your senior team member has turned whistle blower, blowing whistle on malpractices employed by the business. While discussing the issue of ‘Whistleblower versus organizational loyalty’, informally with your other team members, what according to you are the four important points that need to be addressed in this discussion? List those four points and explain your point of view on each of them.

3. a. You are Business Head of Ben & Jerry ice cream in Sri Lanka. One day you discover that the most senior officer of your company’s venture in Sri Lanka has been ‘borrowing’ equipment from the company and using it in his other business venture. When you confront him, the Sri Lankan partner defends his action. After all, as part owner of both the companies, isn’t he entitled to share in the equipment. How will you deal with such cross cultural gray areas and what tools will guide your decision making process?

b. ‘Professionals such as accountants and lawyers have duties and obligations that other people do not.’ Why is that so? Discuss your point of view and its supporting arguments. (two points of view with explanation is good enough)
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Financial Institutions and Markets

1. Nishant is a fresh MBA Graduate who got placed in a wealth advisory firm. On his first day of his induction, his manager asks him to prepare assignment any two each from money market and capital market instrument that he would advise his client to invest in. Help Nishant with his assignment.

2. XYZ Private Limited company wants to raise fresh capital from the primary market. As a financial advisor to the firm advise the various techniques which the company can use in order to raise fresh capital from the primary market? (10 Marks)

3. “In 2008 the world economy faced its most dangerous Crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s and brought back to light the role of state intervention in regulating regulatory market”.

a. In regard to the above statement discuss some of the reasons for state intervention in regulation of the financial market? (5 Marks)

b. Highlight the benefits of state intervention wrt Indian Context
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Marketing Research
Internal Assignment Applicable for September 2019 Examination

Q. 1 40 years back, Sita Travels was a renowned brand in Delhi, in the travel and tourism industry. The company boasted of a loyal clientele, competitive travel packages, efficient and motivated employees and a vision to become the No. 1 player pan India. In those days, the industry comprised few players hence there wasn’t too much competition to be faced. However, in recent times, with the online platform and players emerging such as Makemytrip, Trivago, Yatra etc. offering packages at throwaway prices and reaching out at minimal costs to the mobile savvy, internet savvy consumer, it is indeed giving the traditional companies a run for their money. Loss of clientele, revenue and market shares have made Sita Travels sit up and wonder as to what needs to be done to address this issue. Towards this management problem, state the research objective(s) and propose a research design for this study; describing the secondary and primary sources of data, research design, research method, target respondent, contact method etc.
Q.2 The beauty care industry comprising make-up, personal care, skin and hair care product categories, grapples with a lot of controversy around the safety of products, rampant use of colour and chemicals, products being carcinogenic and unsafe for us. While some marketers have seen this as a market opportunity to sneak in with socalled natural, herbal, ayurvedic products, for the larger majority, this still remains a challenge. The Beauty Care Industry Association is planning to conduct a research to examine the consumer psyche: her consumption and purchase habits, her attitude, satisfaction levels, perception about different products, opinion about carcinogenic elements and unsafety etc. It has been decided to conduct a quantitative, questionnaire- based survey among women from all socio-economic sections. The industry wants to identify the key factors associated with the decision-making of products among women; based on advanced analytical tools. Design a questionnaire keeping in mind all the research objectives of this survey and the appropriate scales that should be used for advanced analysis.
Q.3 A national chain of casual and formal men’s wear is interested to understand the preferences of men when it comes to the purchase of clothing. The objectives of the research are:
To understand the preferences of clothing by occasion
To understand differences in preferences by income group and geographical area
To understand satisfaction of customers with their brand vis-à-vis other competitor brands
In particular, the management wants to understand the as to how the buying behaviour or preferences of men for clothing are influenced by variables such as
(1) Occasion of use
(2) Geography of the customer
(3) Income group of the customer and
(4) Competition
A list of customers has been procured from internal company records. Their personal records also include information on their personal income and geography.
a. Assuming that the management has entrusted you with this research, if a sample has to be drawn from this sampling frame, which sample selection method would you choose and why? Suggest any two methods and justify your answer.
b. If you have to prepare an Analysis Plan for this research, which simple and advanced analytical tools will you recommend for analyzing the data ? Suggest atleast three tools and support with a justification.
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1. What are the types of cost estimates would you consider in cost estimation?

Q. 2 explain with a suitable example the concept of project charter.

Q.3. You are the project manager of a construction company. The company has a plan of developing a housing project.
a. Explain the steps that you will consider in planning the project
b. Explain the project planning tools that you will consider while preparing the project report.
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Q. 1 A woman entrepreneur is planning to set up an e-shop for a range of costume jewelry made of silver and semi-precious stones. Saira’s is the jewelry brand which is being targeted at girls and women aged 13-50 years. Since she doesn’t have lavish budgets to promote Saira’s, she is evaluating the following routes:
• Home shopping networks offered by cable operators and digital TV operators.
• Word-of-web through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, consumer blogs etc.
• Online stores such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Myntra and also setting up company’s website
• Home-parties or kitty parties of women; an option based on word-of-mouth and consumer referrals
• Exclusive outlets in prime locations of the city

What are the various strategic, tactical and locational considerations / factors that she should keep in mind for deciding the most appropriate channel (s)?

2. is a recently launched online / e-tailing store which sells a wide variety of kids products for the age-group 2-12 years, ranging from stationery and school supplies, clothes, shoes, toys, board games, gaming apps, sports equipment, books, magazines, e-book readers, tablets, notebooks / mini-laptops, ipods, etc.
Currently, faces competition from online stores such as Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Babyoye, Firstcry etc. besides the traditional retail brands such as ShopperStop, Hamleys, The Toy Store, Child Junction etc. and also the retail counterparts of online stores such as FirstCry store - which offer a wide range of children’s products.

To reach out to the market, is planning to create awareness about its online store, the range of products, membership programs and its weekly hot deals – all in one go. For this purpose, is planning a slew of advertising campaigns across different media.
Discuss the 5W’s of the Integrated Service Communication Model for V4kids

Q.3 One classic advertising and service recovery strategy used by companies involves turning a disadvantage into an advantage. For example, a small car rental company who did not meet customer expectations ran a campaign “we are trying harder”.
Recently, the Domino’s pizza chain took such an approach to the extreme. Marketers developed an advertising program to address the problem of slowing sales in a declining economy. The first wave of television commercials featured clips of consumers in focus groups, discussing Domino’s, providing statements such as “Worst pizza I ever had; totally devoid of flavor”, “Domino’s pizza crust is to me like cardboard” and “The sauce tastes like ketchup”.
Domino’s had been able to maintain its market share during the economic downturn. At the same time, employees and company managers were concerned about the quality of the products being offered. The advertising program was created to apologize for poor quality pizza with the promise to do better by creating pies with improved ingredients and better recipes, which lead to a complete menu overhaul during a 4-year period beginning in 2008. “We think that going out there and being this honest really breaks through to people in a way that most advertising does not” explained the CEO Patrcik Doyle.
Some marketing experts expressed concern that consumers would not listen carefully to the message. They would hear the part about poor quality but not the part about improving. Doyle believed that the risk was worth taking. When the roll-out of new and improved pizzas at bargain prices commenced, a new advertising campaign was launched, featuring the comment, “We are only as good as our last pizza. So tell us how yours was” followed.
Domino’s had already introduced the pizza tracker feature to its website, which allows customers placing an online order at the Domino’s website to follow the progress of the order from the shop to the front door. Users receive an email directing them to the order tracking page within seconds of placing an order and without having to refresh the page, are told precisely when their pie is placed in the oven, checked for quality assurance and dispatched to their home. The pizza tracker informs the customer who was responsible for an individual pizza during preparations and delivery.
Following the completion of the transaction, the customer can provide feedback directly to the store where the pizza was made, which opens lines of communication with individual stores and managers rather than the larger corporation. The pizza tracker program insists that individual store owners will listen when customers are dissatisfied. By naming the actual individual responsible for any service failure, the store manager can improve operations on an employee- by- employee basis. Over the course of the next apology campaign and new emphasis on customer feedback, sales increased dramatically during the next two quarters.
The company once again was willing to risk customer backlash, even mildly taunting the pubic with the “Oh yes, we did” tag line. Time will tell if these two maneuvers will generate long-lasting, positive effects for the company.

a. Evaluate the Service Recovery System of Domino’s and suggest few other innovative methods to recover the customers.
b. Create a Service Blueprint for Domino’s home delivery operations covering all the various methods of placing an order

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