Latest Services Marketing NMIMS JUNE 2018 Solved Assignments

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Latest Services Marketing NMIMS JUNE 2018 Solved Assignments
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Services Marketing

1. Prepare an advertising campaign for a newly started chain of restaurant having presence across the
country. (10 Marks)
2. A new brand of airline named ALM has recently introduced its airline services in India. The brand has
an objective of being the market leader as it has been in other country. India being a new market for them
will require a proper blend of marketing mix elements. Suggest marketing mix for ALM in India (10
3. A nationalized bank is facing difficult situation with respect to retaining their existing customers as
these customers are shifting to private sector bank or foreign bank. Private & foreign banks offer better
services & work for longer duration during the day which the nationalized bank lacks. As a consultant
a. Suggest a suitable repositioning strategy for the nationalized bank
b. Explain the element of physical evidence & its importance in nationalized bank

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Strategic Cost Management

1. X Ltd has to replace its machine and the production manager has to decide between Machine A and
Machine B. Machine A is having installation cost of 160 and annual electric bill 200. Machine B has
installation cost of 760 and annual electric bill of 80. If both have life of 8 years which machine will you
recommend if interest rate is 9 % for five years. P/V factor @ 9 % for 8 years is 5.5348 (10 Marks)
2. A company manufacturing two products furnishes the following data for a year.
Annual Output Units
Total machine hours
Total No. of purchase orders
Total No. of setups
The annual Overheads are as under:
Volume related activity cost ( Activity driver-Machine hours )
Setup related cost


Purchase related cost
You are required to calculate cost per unit of each product A & B based on
i. Traditional method of charging overhead and
ii. Activity based costing method (10 Marks)
3. Project X Involves an initial outlay of Rs 32,400.Its working life is 3 years. The cash streams are as
follows Year Inflows P .V Factor @ 14% P .V Factor @ 16% 1 16,000 0.877 0.862 2 14,000 0.769 0.743
3 12,000 0.675 0.641
Calculate a. NPV at 14 % & 16%
b. IRR


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Project Management

1. You are in charge of selecting a location for passenger car manufacturing plant. Which location would
you recommend? Justify your choice against a set of selection criteria. (10 Marks)
2. You are in charge of estimating cost for setting up a sulfuric acid plant in a town in Sindhudurg district
of Maharashtra. Which elements will you consider for estimating cost of the project? Explain each
element as it relates to given requirement. Why this cost estimation is needed? (10 Marks)
3. “How could that be possible? It’s simply not possible!” Mr. Pitambar Gadge was really in a state of
shock when he was informed that construction of new manufacturing plant would get delayed by six
months. “This was two year long project. How could you have schedule variance of almost 25%? And
how could you tell me now, when we are just few months away from our project completion deadline?
This is simply ridiculous!” Mr. Gadge went on saying.“Sir, we had challenge in hiring skilled labor for
this project. It seems Mr. Puri went on hiring skilled labor without proper skill assessments. When Mr.
Iyer inspected quality of work, he was not satisfied and strongly recommended us to redo the work to
ensure expected quality. This additional work will result into delay of up to six months”, came the
response from Mr. Dwivedi, the manager of the project.
a. Which type of risk was overlooked in this case? How would you have assessed its probability and
impact as a project manager? Justify your assessment. (5 Marks)
b. Do you agree that this case illustrates triple constraints of the project? Explain. How you would have
responded if you have been in place of Mr. Iyer? Explicitly state your assumptions if you are making

Cost & Management Accounting

1. The CEO of a leading fan manufacturer is concerned about certain teething issues involving sales of
ceiling fans. Ceiling fans come in several models, and each model has numerous Stock Keeping Units
(SKUs) involving different colours, blade size etc. Tastes and preferences of consumers vary widely
across the vast geography of the country. Recently there have been numerous complaints from the
divisional sales offices across the country that they have received supplies of fans in colours and blade


sizes, which are not popular in their territory. This has led to loss of sales as distributors in their regions
would not accept those fans. Sales people have not been able to achieve their quarterly sales targets,
leading to de-motivation and attrition. The CEO has approached you to review the Management
Accounting process in the company in the light of the above events. Critically analyze the issues at hand,
and suggest a suitable roadmap for the company to revamp its Management Accounting process. (10
2. Due to economic depression, a company is running its plant currently at 50% of its capacity. The
following details are available:
 Cost of Production per unit:
o Direct Materials – Rs.6
o Direct Labour – Rs. 2
o Variable Overhead – Rs. 4
o Fixed Overhead – Rs. 4
 Production per year – 20000 units
 Total Cost of Production – Rs. 320000
 Total Yearly Sales – Rs. 300000
 Loss – Rs. 20000
An exporter offers to buy 5000 units per year at the rate of Rs. 13 per unit. The company is hesitating to
accept the offer for the fear of increasing its already incurring operating losses. Advise whether the
company should accept or decline the offer. (10 Marks)
3. A) The budgeted working conditions for a factory are as follows:  Normal working week - 45 hours
 Number of machines – 30  On maintenance etc., normal weekly loss of hours - 4 hours per m/c 
Estimated annual overhead - Rs.153750  Estimated direct wages rate - Rs.2.00 per hour  No of weeks
worked per year - 50 The company uses Machine Hours as a base for apportioning overhead costs.
Estimate the overhead absorption rate per machine hour. (5 Marks)
3. B) For the above company, during a four week period, the actual results are as follows:
 Overhead incurred - Rs.11000
 Wages incurred - Rs. 11200
 Machine hours produced - 4500
Calculate the amount of under or over-absorption of both wages and overheads.

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