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Business Communication & Etiquette
1. In your opinion, which part of a presentation is most important and why? What steps do you take to ensure you truly make a mark when you present to an audience?
2. From your experience and of those around you, share how lack of trust, message complexity and difference in status impacts business communication.
3. In Crystal Corp., managers are groomed to be leaders. The organization believes in investing in their own people instead of hiring externally. In the last appraisal cycle, Preeti and Saksham were promoted as leaders of their practices. Saksham is a people’s person while Preeti has a task oriented approach.
a. As far as internal organizational communication is concerned, which one do you think Preeti will practice – upward or downward and why?
b. What would Saksham prefer given his leadership style? What are the disadvantages of being a people-oriented leader?

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Business Economics
1. What are the important characteristics of an indifference curve. Suppose a consumer’s disposable income is Rs. 5,000/- per week and she has a choice of spending the income on concerts and meals. Assume meal is available for Rs.250/- each and concerts are available for Rs.500/- each. Prepare a table of possible combinations of meals and concerts that could be bought with the income. What is your observation about the values in the table?
2. Find below the data for price elasticity and income elasticity of demand for 5 different commodities. Interpret the values in the table in the light of • Whether the demand is elastic or inelastic for each of the commodities and why • What do you mean by negative income elastic demand in case of commodity 3 • Give example for each type of commodity.
Commodity Price Elasticity of demand Income elasticity of demand 1 -0.3 +0.6 2 -1.45 +5.60 3 -5.09 -1.67 4 -0.7 +0.8 5 1.0 +1.0
3 a) “Different prices can be charged by the producer in the different market segments to maximize revenue.” Explain the statement by taking a case of aviation industry.
3 b) What do you mean by price rigidity? Which type of market structure is characterized by the price rigidity? Explain your views taking an example of industry facing the problem of price rigidity.

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Corporate Social Responsibility
Q1. Choose any ONE listed company from NSE top 500 and go through its CSR policy as well as its CSR Report (found in annual report under Director’s report) for 2015-16 or 2016-17, and answer the following;
a. Choose any TWO projects/initiatives reported by the company and explain how they are connected to the CSR policy of the company
b. Analyse and explain the impact/s and/or outcome/s of the chosen projects using the qualitative as well as quantitative information reported. You can also include data/ information about these projects/initiatives from the company’s website.
Q2. Go through the Sustainability Report of any ONE company of your choice or your competitor and identify ONE energy saving/ managing initiative OR ONE water saving/managing initiative that impresses you. Analyze and explain the initiative’s qualitative and quantitative data in the form of a case, such that it showcases all the benefits, financial and non financial that accrue to the company. (DO NOT repeat the same company or the same initiative as in Ans1)
Q3. With the introduction of the Companies Act 2012, spending 2% of net profit on CSR has become conditionally applicable to listed and non listed companies as per the provision laid out under section 135.
3.1 As the new CSR Head, explain what according to you are the five challenges that you will have to address now that the CSR policy has been drafted and projects/ initiatives worth 2 % of net profit finalized by the CSR Committee of the Board?
3.2 Suggest viable and practical solutions to two of these challenges that you will present to the CSR Committee of the Board.
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Information Systems for Managers
1. Customers show interest towards a specific brand, depending on the experience offered by the brand. However, sometimes, the brands fail to meet the customer expectations. Thus, most companies have made improving customer experience their top priority. They are currently relying on using data to understand their customers. It is imperative for brands to rapidly translate their customer insights into actions, lest they lose the business opportunity. How are retailers capitalizing on user’s data and using data analytics to improve their retail experience in store?
2. The healthcare industry is the furthest along in cloud adoption, compared to the financial services industry and the energy and utilities industry. You are invited by a private hospital to advise them on deployment of cloud. The hospital is very keen to reduce total cost of ownership, increase scalability and provide better collaboration to all the stakeholders. From that perspective, it is evaluating the use of cloud and the right choice for the deployment model. You are required to provide a brief report explaining pros and cons of each cloud deployment model for adopting cloud for its operations.
3. Mounting digitization and connectivity have led to a rise in cybercrime. With employees often plugged into insecure Wi-Fi networks and using their own devices, business data is increasingly vulnerable. As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, data breaches are growing in size and frequency. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) estimates that digital crime and intellectual property (IP) theft currently cost between US$375b and US$575b per year — eclipsing the annual GDP of most nations. Although a portion of cyber threats come from “hacktivistis”, the most concerning threat for financial institutions is from organised cybercrime. Banks must consider their options and opportunities now. You have recently been appointed as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) at a private bank.
a. What measures will you take to ensure the security of the systems at the bank is not compromised?
b. How would you educate your customers to prevent them from being a victim to cybercrime?
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Management Theory and Practice
M/s TrackUs Courier is a well-established courier company in India. The company has been doing exceptionally well after the emergence of online business. Small and Mid-Sized organisation prefer TrackUs as their services are available at lower cost. The company follows traditional practices for all its operation. There are no computerised system to track the packages, billing, petty cash, financial statements, etc. Every process has to go through multiple steps to implement a single decision. The company has rigid manual processes for completing any work.
The company was able to handle limited customers with the traditional processes but with the ever increasing customer base there is need to redesign the system. The company needs to get the best infrastructure and information system which can handle the large customer base. The directors feel there is no need to spend on the IT systems. Also, the employees might feel insecure with the new technology and systems. The directors are not sure whether they will be able to handle the new technology. They have made a note of all the concerns and now they have hired you as a consultant to advise them on various matters.
1. Suggest TrackUs Courier any seven Henry Fayols principle with reasons so that the same can applied in the organisation to improve the effectiveness.
2. Advise the company any five latest technology that can be implemented in the organisation to improve the overall process.
3. a) What are the various resistance that an employee can show during the change process in TrackUs Courier?
3. b) Advise the directors with detail explanation any two leadership styles that would be feasible for TrackUs courier.
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Organisational Behaviour
1. Explain, discuss and compare the Hofstede Cultural dimensions between any one Asian country and One European Country.
2. Monika works with Bing & Geller Enterprise which is a media house. The organisation has beautiful workplace with all the amenities. The salaries are disbursed on time, employees are able to maintain a good work life balance. But the employees are not very satisfied and motivated. Ashita being new HR manager runs an employee satisfaction survey through which she realised that even though such nice amenities are provided employees are not happy as they did not find their jobs meaningful and challenging. They also pointed that there was no recognition, no bonus etc. Relate this case scenario with Herzberg’s two factor theory and discuss the same. Conclude by giving some suggestions to Ashita which are realistic and can be implemented.
3. Leadership is an essence of any organisation. It can break or make an organisation. Keeping this statement in mind. Discuss
a. A Resonant leader of your choice (not the one in your textbook) and discuss his qualities and how those (qualities) helped to build the organisation.
b. A Transactional leader of your choice (not the one in your textbook) and discuss whether this style of leadership according to you is suitable or not.
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