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Internal Assignment Applicable for JUNE 2018 NMIMS Solved Assignments Examination

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Internal Assignment Applicable for JUNE 2018 Examination

Strategic HRM

1. ‘Strategic human resource management is largely about integration or strategic fit between HR strategy
and business strategy’. Do you agree? Differentiate between external fit and internal fit. Give example of
any one organization you know of, that have achieved a fit between business strategy and HR strategy.
2. XYZ limited is exploring ways of compensating and rewarding employees as a strategy to improve
retention. As an advice state and explain various reward management strategies available to XYZ ltd.
Highlight the strategies available to the management in dealing with poor performance in the workplace.
3. Siemens is a 150-year old Company, but it’s not the company it was even a few years ago. Until
recently, Siemens focused on producing electrical products. Today the firm has diversified into software,
engineering, and services, and is also global, with over 400,000 employees working in 190 countries. In
other words, Siemens became a world leader by pursuing a corporate strategy that emphasized
diversifying into hightech products and services, and doing so on a global basis.With a corporate strategy
like that, human resource management plays a big role at Siemens. Sophisticated engineering services
require more focus on employee selection, training and compensation than in the average firm, and
globalization requires delivering these sevices globally. Siemens sums up the basic themes of its HR
strategy in several points. These include:
i. A living Company is a learning Company. The high-tech nature of Siemen’s business means that
employees must be able to learn on a continuing basis. Siemens uses its system of combined classroom
and hands-on apprenticeship training around the world to help facilitate this. It also offers employees
extensive continuing education and management development.
ii. Global teamwork is the key to developing and using all the potential of the firm’s human resources.
Because it is so important for employees throughout Siemens to feel free to work together and interact,
employees feel they are part of a strong unifying corporate identity. For example, HR uses cross-border,
cross-cultural experienced as prerequisites for career advances.
iii. A climate of mutual respect is the bais of all relationships – within the Company and with society.
Siemens contends that the wealth of nationalities, cultures, languages, and outlooks represented by its
employees is one of its most valuable assets. It therefore engages in numerous HR activities aimed at
building openness, transparency, and fairness, and supporting diversity.
3. A) Describe your opinion on how Siemens rates people as a vital tool in creating organizational
competitive advantage (5 Marks)
3. B) Advice Siemens on how it should go in drafting a Training and Development Strategy and show
how it should be linked to other HR functional strategies

Employee Development & Talent Management

1. JK Tyre is one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies in the country with a sales turnover of Rs
10,000 corers. It is either number one or number two in the country in different product categories &
enjoy a very healthy market share. It also exports tyres to other countries. But in recent times, market
share of JK Tyre has declined. There are a number of customer complaints & customer satisfaction index


has come down. It has a strong sales & marketing workforce of around 650 all over India & few of them
are in outside India locations. CEO of JK Tyre feels that company’s Sales & Marketing employees must
develop ‘customer orientation’ to improve sales. As the Head of Talent management, what process would
you follow for creating a n employee development program? . (10 Marks)
2. One Stop for all, a global retail company is planning to open 30 new outlets in Mumbai. They need to
hire employees in the following categories:
 Stores Manager
 Floor Leaders
 Customer Relationship Executives
 Cashiers
The Company would prefer that the store’s manager is well aware of the philosophy and culture of the
Organization. Draw a Talent Acquisition Plan considering various acquisition techniques. (10 Marks)
3. Ankur Dutta, the HR manager of Landmark consultants, is facing problems of high attrition and
employee dissatisfaction. The major reasons sighted is unhappiness with the current performance
appraisal system that employee find biased and outdated. Ankur wants to design a new performance
appraisal system.
a. Suggest any three modern Performance appraisal techniques that Ankur can consider . (5 Marks)
b. What kind of problems and biases may be employees facing with the current system?

HR Audit

1. “As we understand that the human factor is an important strategical element that explains a company’s
differentiation capacity, it is crucial that a measurement effort of the way this function is done in the
company is checked. That is the concept of the HR audit, which goes beyond the simple investigative
methods, and is an extension of the traditional concept of the Audit”. Based on the above statement, find
out the methodologies used by modern day companies to do the HR Audit.
2. Why is HR alignment with business goals important? Explain with reference to HR Audit. (10 Marks)
3. The strategic Audit of HR offers the most insight to the fundamental question “how is the HR
department performing”. a. Do you agree with the above statement? (5 Marks)
b. Substantiate your answer with relevant examples.

International HR Practices

1. XYZ Ltd is a leading telecommunication company in India. The company is contemplating
international expansion in Africa. After considering all the positives of such project, the board of directors
now want to consider the possible bottlenecks. As an HR Manager, you are asked to point out these
possible barriers or bottlenecks. List out the same.
2. ABC Ltd. is a global strategy consultancy firm based in India. They are planning to enter European
market by starting their company in UK. They are planning to start a unit with 50 employees for which
you are asked to design the compensation program. What will be the key components of international
compensation program.
3. Indian Automobile company, operating in Saudi Arabia, has to shut its operations due to unforeseen
political circumstances. This affects 150 Indian employees who were working there. In this background,
as an HR Manager, answer the following:
a) What will be your repatriation process?
b) Highlight the readjustment challenge.


Insurance and Risk Management

1. Alok has completed his MBA and has joined the insurance industry. He was recruited for non-life
insurance. He wanted to prepare himself with various types of non-life insurance policies offered in the
industry, so he approached his brother who was also working in insurance industry to brief him. If you are
his brother elaborate on various types of policies offered in non-life insurance category.
2. Neha was accompanying her manager in selling life insurance. Her manager wanted her to understand
the different factors that affects the cost of life insurance. He asked her to make a small report covering
the factors. Help Neha to prepare the report.
3. In the insurance sector, underwriters or actuaries use various methods to determine the rates of
premium. As an insurance company is a profit business, the rate of premium charged for insurance must
be sufficient enough to provide for losses and expenses while at the same time earn profit for the
company. Alok works as an actuary in an insurance company. Suggest which method of premium
calculation would be used in the following cases:
a) Same rate of premium is charged from individuals under the same situation
b) Method frequently used by commercial fire insurance companies

International Banking & Foreign Exchange Management

1. Many Indian Companies are not listed in US stock market because the procedure of listing is not easy,
What are the other ways to raise capital in USD? Explain their types in details.
2. Foreign exchange exposure is said to exist for a business or a firm when the value of its future cash
flows is dependent on the value of foreign currency / currencies. If a British firm sells products to a US
Firm, cash inflow of British firm is exposed to foreign exchange and in a case of the US based firm cash
outflow is exposed to foreign exchange. What are the different types of exposure in foreign Exchange
transaction? How to reduce it?
3. Punjab National Bank on Monday detected fraudulent transactions worth Rs 11,300 crore at its Brady
House branch in Mumbai. The PNB in its cautionary note to other public and private sector banks said
that the suspected fraud was carried out by the perpetrators in collusion with the staff. It went on to
explain the modus operandi of the scam and said: "It was found through SWIFT trail that one junior level
branch official unauthorisedly and fraudulently issued Letters of Undertaking (LoU) on behalf of some
companies belonging to Nirav Modi Group for availing buyers' credit from overseas branches of Indian
Banks." It further said that none of the transactions were routed through the Core Banking Solution or
CBS system, thus avoiding early detection of fraudulent activity. a. What is the CBS that the bank official
bypassed to issue fake LoU by using SWIFT?
b. What was the role of Punjab National Bank‘s Officials in this fraud? How they use NOSTRO account
of Punjab national Bank?

Retail Banking

1. Discuss the critical importance of the ‘Need for Regulations (both Internal as well as External)’ in the
Banking industry. Express your views with reference to the recent turmoil in the Banking industry, which
in turn adversely affects other sectors/ markets as well.
2. With reference to the rural areas and the Agricultural sector, discuss the guidelines given by the RBI on
‘Priority Sector Lending’. Also explain what options the Banks have as ‘Channel Partners’ to reach rural
3. The Banking industry being a ‘service industry’, customer service is an important aspect of the Retail
Banking setup. This is true for commercial/retail banks as well central banks and the


regulators/government. Discuss the following questions that affects the customers to a large scale in the
retail banking setup
a. With the process of Demonetization implemented over a year ago, discuss the issue of change of
currency notes (money product) in retail banking. Have the banks provided proper customer service for
the same issue? (5 Marks)
b. With emphasis on Digital/ E-payments, with incentives/concessions provided to make non-cash
transactions through digital modes, highlight the various benefits and risks the customers may face during
these modes of financial transactions.

Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI

1. Cash Reserve Ratio plays an Important role in the economy and RBI plays an important role in
monitoring inflation through CRR .Discuss how RBI perform this critical function using CRR as an
2. Assume you are a CEO in a bank. Your Bank has been nominated as one of best branches in managing
its liabilities. Highlight through a presentation on the various components of liabilities a bank has and
how these liabilities acts as a source of funds with which bank finances its operations. (10 Marks)
3. A) You have recently joined a bank. Your manager ask you to prepare a short presentation on Asset
Liability Mismatch. Describe in detail about ALM and its significance in banks. (5 Marks)
B) As an actuarial in an insurance company, discuss how ALM plays an important role in this sector.

Treasury Management in Banking

1. In today’s era, due to the uncertainties in the economic environment, most Organizations have
increased their cash holding. As a part of the treasury team in an organization, highlight some of the best
practices in treasury operation with respect to cash holdings.
2. Mr.X has been appointed as a controller/Treasurer in a treasury Department. Discuss the role of Mr.X
in an organization as a Controller. (10 Marks)
3. A) You are working in cash Payment department of an Investment bank. Highlight the advantages of
Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) while making payments across
borders. (5 Marks)
3. B) Discuss on the mechanism of information transmission through SWIFTS.

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