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Strategic Management

1. One of IKEA s key competitors ASDA wants to enter into India into the furniture product category. Conduct a PESTLE analysis for ASDA in India & suggest whether ASDA should enter India or otherwise.

2. You have been appointed as a Strategy Consultant to the Burj Al Arab brand wanting to enter India. Which one of Porter s Generic Strategies would you choose to be operational in India & explain the reasons in detail behind your choice of strategy? Once the strategy has been chosen, explain the categories of customers you would target?

3. You are the Chairman of General Motors in the US. Your Indian subsidiary GM India has been fast losing market share to Competitor brands which now account for over 90% of the market share. a. What turnaround strategies can you suggest to arrest the decline of revenues & profitability of your company? b. In your opinion, would it be considered appropriate to pursue a Combination Strategy? State your response with appropriate justifications & reasons.

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Marketing Management
1. Mr. Hari has joined as a marketing head in a startup that deals with online sale of Groceries. The online store is named as The store will start its operation in 4 cities namely Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore. The company faces tough competition from various online stores. The company s major focus is to make the items available at lowest possible price. You have been asked to prepare the 7P s of marketing mix for the online store. 2. M/s Kids Corporation is planning to launch its own brand of Dolls across India. The doll will be named Senorita and it will be available in the price range of 600/- to 1400/- Rupees. The doll will be available in major types of profession like Doctor, Lawyer, Teacher, etc. so that it can even inspire girls to go for these careers in future. Design the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategy for Senorita.

3. M/s Joy Corporation wants to enter into the production, marketing and distribution of Mobile Phones. The company is a market leader in Washing Machines and Refrigerators. The company wants to penetrate into the ever increasing Mobile Market. It plans to sell mid-range mobile phones where the major competitors are Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi.

a. Explain various steps involved in the new product development of Joy Mobile Phones.

b. Explain various marketing strategies that Joy mobile phones should undertake during the time of launch i.e. introduction phase of Joy Mobile Phones.
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Business Law

1. What is the difference between valid, void or voidable contract. Please explain the instances when a contract becomes valid, void or voidable contract.

2. Please give at least two (2) real life examples on how the recent amendments in Companies Act, 2013 has brought about sweeping changes in corporate scenario of India.

3. Arun and Smitha are good friends since a long time. Smitha is in need of a house loan with a bank and Arun has agreed to be a be a co-applicant cum guarantor to help Smitha secure the house loan. Smitha after taking possession of the Flat started defaulting payments of the house loan and absconded. In light of the above instance, you are called to advise the bank on the following queries:
a. What is the contract between Arun, Smitha and the bank termed as? Identify Arun, Smitha and the bank according to their roles in such contract? (5 Marks)
b. Does the bank have any right against Arun? If yes please explain in detail? If, Arun voluntarily offers to pay the loan to the Bank, what are his rights? Please explain in detail?

Essentials of HRM

1. Sanskruti Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company. Lately it was observed that the absenteeism as well as the employee turnover has increased tremendously. An external consulting firm was roped to understand the entire concern. The report presented by the consulting firm specified that the workers are dissatisfied with their job roles as well as they find no career planning and progression which is affecting the overall organisational productivity. Discuss the objectives as well as merits of career planning which can be included to make the employees happy and satisfied in Sanskruti Ltd.

2. Kadambari Enterprises, which is a family managed business in the area of food manufacturing (Indian Snacks) has grown over the years. The business turnover has now become 500 crore. The organisation never had a concept of performance appraisal, the employees were given raise based on their seniority and relationship with the management. Sneha the new heir of Kadambari Enterprises wants to change the entire outlook and bring in the latest Performance Management System to bring parity and justice for the employees. You have been selected as the head HR and have been asked to present the benefits of appraisal and best PMS for Kadambari Enterprise.

3. Sameera is a fresh MBA graduate and has joined as a Trainee- Talent Management in Fresoc Ltd. It is her first week at work and she is all geared up for some great learning. To her disappointment she is just handed over some brochures to read. After a fortnight she is assigned some task to work on. Sameera is really confused as she does not have any job clarity and work is being assigned to her randomly. The entire month after joining Fresoc Ltd has been a very demotivating as an outcome she resigned from her services.

a. Do you think that the induction of Sameera was wrong? Justify your answer

b. What could have been an ideal situation where young talent like Sameera would have been retained?

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Q1. ABC Co. sells 10,000 units at a price of Rs. 10 per unit. ABC’s total fixed cost is Rs. 20,000, Interest expense 10,000, and variable cost is Rs. 6 per unit. Find ABC’s degree of operating leverage, degree of financial leverage and find degree of total leverage. ABC’s parent company has Rs. 2.5 million is assets that are currently financed by 100% equity. Its EBIT is Rs.600,000 and its tax rate is 30%. If ABC’s parent changes its capital structure to include 40% debt, what is its ROE before and after the change? Assume interest rate on debt is 10%. Comment why the ROE increases after adding debt. Assuming all other things remain same, how will the ROE change if interest on debt is suddenly increased to 20% ? Elaborate on the same Q2. Kuber Company has a target capital structure of 50% debt and 50% equity, with an after tax cost of debt of 8%. Cost of retained earnings is 14%. Its profit after tax is Rs, 250,000. Kuber is considering the following projects to invest in Find the company’s weighted average cost of capital. If the company accepts all the projects that it could invest in just from its profit after tax and considering their IRRs, which projects should it take up? Give reason. What will be its total investment in these projects? Taking into account its target capital structure, how much of equity portion should the company invest in these projects? If the company follows Irrelevance Approach (Modigliani and Miller) or residual dividend policy, what will be its dividend payout ratio? (10 Marks) Q3. Hi-Tech company’s partial balance sheet for 2 years is given below Due to a new product launch, Hi-Tech’s sales grew at a faster pace in year 2018. Hi-Tech’s working capital bank had been assessing its Maximum Permissible Bank Finance (MPBF) under Method 1 till 2017, but due to a credit squeeze it suddenly changed to Method 2 in year 2018. a) What is the change in net working capital between 2018 and 2017? (5 Marks) b) What is the change in MPBF limit assigned by the bank from year 2017 to 2018? With this change in MPBF limit, will the working capital financing from the bank increase or decrease? (5 Marks)

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Business Ethics Governance and Risk NMIMS Solved Assignments

Q1. “Human rights are based on recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world”. Preamble to Universal Declaration of Human Rights. According to you which are the five most susceptible areas for potential human rights violations possible in context of employees within an organization? Elaborate on your answer with the help of a suitable example. (10 Marks)

Q2. “The Geeta precepts or Dharma or spirituality based values and practices of business leaders have been shown to positively affect their stakeholder relationships as well as performance.” Select a known industry leader or entrepreneur who will help you justify this statement – research and read up about them and describe one incident/episode/decision from their professional life that showcases or proves the above statement (DO NOT explain or quote small /personal conversations or incidents of your immediate boss with you. Select a public figure known to most people). (10 Marks)

Q3. The problem in Chandrapur of Maharashtra and the surrounding area is that this area, which is a declared tiger reserve, is now in danger of being taken over by the mining industry. If the central government awards the licence to the mining industry, then twenty one coal mines will be setting up shop in this area and Chandrapur will become a coal city. The forest will turn into a desert and the wild life will disappear. Somehow we have failed to intelligently sustain and manage the resources of nature, the primary source of all supply chain.
a. Do you think environmental sustainability is an ethical principle? Elaborate on any three issues/principles involved in environmental ethics. (5 Marks)
b. How can business embed environment protection/sustainability within overall business strategy? Elaborate on any five critical ideas/processes/steps. (5 Marks)

Financial Institutions and Markets

Q1. ABC Fashion Pvt. Ltd. is a leading apparel company in India. They want to expand and modernize their current business model and thus requires additional fund for the business.
You have been hired as a Financial consultant to ABC Fashion. As a consultant suggest the various methods as to how ABC Fashion Pvt. Ltd. can raise funds through primary or secondary market for their business. (10 Marks)

Q2. You are a financial Advisor in a financial advisory firm. Your client apart from his existing investments, wants to diversify his portfolio in the mutual funds. Help your client to know the details about the mutual funds. Discuss the various characteristics, advantages and the disadvantages of investing in the Mutual funds. (10 Marks)

Q3. Arun has recently got placed in a public sector bank. His manager asks him to prepare a short presentation on the following. Help Arun to prepare with his presentation.
A) Enumerate how Cash Reserve ratio (CRR) is used as a credit control tool by RBI.(5 Marks)
B) Also discuss the contribution of statutory liquidity ratio (SLR) in Lowering Country’s Inflation. (5 Marks)

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