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1. Mrs. Bagla is a General Manager at Ganga Tools. The Engineering company has many levels of employees working since years. The attrition rate is quite low at the organization; however, employee relationships need to be worked on as usually conflict rate is seen quite high. Mrs. Bagla, wants to understand and work on the problem. Please help her by listing out and explaining in brief the causes of
miscommunication. (10 Marks)

2. Parag has joined Koret Pharma in corporate correspondence department. His department is responsible for keeping in touch with existing clients, introducing them to new products and also reaching out to new customers for new business development. While his task remained more into writing business letters and other persuasive documents, he needs to understand the process. List down steps of business writing process and explain them in brief. (10 Marks)

3. Genesis productions Pvt. Ltd. wants to conduct focus groups for a change in their corporate image. They have their market research team who would be conducting focus groups, however, they need some training for the staff in order to making their focus groups effective. In light of this situation, please answer the following questions.
a. Explain in detail the conceptualizing phase for conducting focus groups. (5 Marks)
b. The interviewers of focus groups are called moderators. What moderating skills are important for effective focus groups? (5 Marks)?

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1. Define the term “Elasticity of demand.” Discuss different types of elasticity of demand. Also explain why this concept should be of interest to anyone in business who has a choice to determine the price at which to sell their products. (10 Marks).

2. Find below the data for total production costs of a manufacturing firm at various levels of output. Complete the blank table and comment on each column of the table explaining the behavior of short run costs of a firm. (10 Marks)

3. a) Large scale production is considered to be economical in the sense of per unit cost. Explain the statement by describing different types of economies of scale. Give examples to substantiate your answer (5 Marks)
3. b) Under perfect competition, a firm’s average revenue and marginal revenue are equal at all levels of output” Explain the statement by giving a hypothetical revenue table. (5 Marks).

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1. Child labour is a violation of human rights. India is sadly the home to the largest number of child labourers in the world. Children are engaged as household servants and are also employed by hotels, service stations, food stalls, workshops, construction sites, carpet industries, etc. They are even employed in hazardous and unhygienic forms of labour in textile, leather and cracker industries, depriving the children of their childhood, and harming their mental, emotional and physical development & well-being. What according to you are five compelling reasons for the existence of child labour in India? Suggest four practical strategies/action plan that can be adopted by business and society to make child labour unattractive and non viable. (10 Marks)

2. Saudi petro giant Aramco led refinery project is slated to come up at Nanar village in Ratnagiri district of Maharashtra, also famous as home to Alphonso mangoes. The Rs 3 trillion integrated refinery and petrochemicals complex is a joint venture between Aramco, IOC, HPCL and BPCL The refinery will process 60 mio tonnes per annum (mtpa) of crude and will be able to produce 18 mtpa of petrochem products. The companies claim the project will generate 1.5 lac jobs during construction and 20,000 direct jobs, once completed. The project requires 15000 acres of land, more than 90 % of which is in 14 villages of Ratnagiri district and the rest in 2 villages of adjacent Sindhudurg district. Currently 80 % of this land is used for agriculture and over 16 lac mango trees and three lac cashew trees, the mainstay of the region will be lost. According to the locals, 22000 farmers and 4500 fisher folks will be impacted. The farmers will get paid for land but not the fisher folks whose livelihood will be severely impacted. The locals have been protesting for a year, they fear pollution from the project will affect farming and fishing. According to you should this project be developed? Give reasons for your answer. What needs to be done by the management and board of this Aramco led project to minimize/ mitigate negative impacts on the environment and local communities? Elaborate on any five of your suggestions? (10 Marks)

3. “An individual “blows the whistle” when they disclose information which relates to suspected wrongdoing or dangers at work.” You have proof of an unethical practice in your workplace and you wish to blow whistle on it. (10 Marks)

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1. Raghu has been appointed as the Chief Information Officer of BuyFromMe a leading ecommerce company based in Pune. The company has data on buying habits of its customers. This data is available easily to each employee of the company through shared folders. What is the change Raghu should bring about in this case? (10 Marks)

2. The Smart Cube is a leading Knowledge Process Outsourcing company based in Noida. The company boasts of clientele from all parts of the world and they cater to the need of various industries. Their projects involve providing support to organisations in taking business decision. The company has 300 analysts working for various clients. The job of analysts is gathering data from various sources both primary and secondary and convert them into meaningful information. Advice the company on whether it makes sense to go for data warehousing? (10 Marks)

3. CapitalStock Data Pvt. Ltd is a data aggregator whose job involves getting data from various companies and aggregating it at one place. The company has appointed a new CIO. He advices the CEO that the company should be on the cloud.
a. What are the advantages the clients will have if the company is on the cloud? (5 Marks)
b. Compare the three models and state which of the three, cloud service model would suite the company? (5 Marks)

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Q1. How has leadership affected organisations in India and Worldwide? Cite relevant industry examples. . (10 Marks)

Q2. Do you think bureaucratic management holds relevance in the dynamic business environment today? Why? Give suitable examples. (10 Marks)

Q3. Jacob has been working in the accounts department of FCP electronics for over a decade now. There has been news of the organization implementing ERP. Jacob is anxious over this, he has insecurity about his job, he is ill confident about his ability to use ERP. He has hundreds of unanswered questions. He as now started looking out for other opportunities to move out of the organization.
a. What according to you is the problem in this case? (5 Marks)
b. In what way do you think could the change have been managed better? (5 Marks).

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AKANSHA – 9773820734 (WHATSAPP)

1. As a manager how will you identify the stress, prevent and manage the stress of individuals working in the organization? Please cite the latest examples of stress from the corporate world. (10 Marks)

2. Mr Kabir was working in an Administrative department as officer Administration. He was responsible for keeping account of all the vehicles of the company apart from other arrangements including the guest house of the company. Mr Kabir has been working in the company for 6 years in the same grade without promotions. He was supposed to be very honest in his job. Once the GM of the factory Mr Rakesh Gupta, requested for the company car during office time for his personal work. Mr Kabir refused it by saying that it cannot be given during the office hours as the work would suffer. Mr Srivastava (Sr Manager Admin) was very happy to oblige Mr Gupta as he wanted one of his relatives to be employed as officer. Hence, he shouted at Mr Kabir for his disobedience and threatened to transfer him to stores if he continued to show disrespect to senior officers. Kabir was also an active member of staff union. He immediately went to the Union President and informed him about the misuse of the company car for private purpose by the GM at the cost of the office work. It was decided that Kabir would send a note in writing to Mr Srivastava asking him to approve sending the car to the house of Mr Gupta. Mr Srivastava understood the repercussions and refused to sign the approval. He lent his own car to Mr Gupta.
Questions: What power and power tactics was being used by Mr Kabir? What power Mr Srivastava was using and earmarked and explain the factors used by Mr Srivastava in contributing to the politics. (10 Marks)

3. Gulu's Snack Company is a family owned company located in Himalaya Mountains. Gulu started the business in 1956, by selling homemade chips. Nowadays, Gulu's is Rs.58 million snack Food Company that is struggling to regain market share lost to fierce competitors. In the early 1980, Gulu passed the business on to his son, Gulu Jr., who is currently grooming his son, Gulshan to succeed himself as head of the company. Six month ago, Gulshan joined Gulu's Snacks as a salesperson and after four months, he was quickly promoted to sales manager. Gulshan recently graduated from a local university with an M.B.A. in marketing, and Gulu Jr. was hoping that Gulshan would be able to implement strategies that could help turn the company around. One of Gulshan's initial strategies was to introduce a new sales performance management system. As part of this approach, any sales person who receives a below average performance rating would be required to attend a mandatory coaching session with his/her supervisor. Gulshan is hoping that these coaching sessions will motivate his employees in increase their sales. Here is the description of the reaction of three salespeople who have been required to attend a coaching session because of their low performance over the previous quarter.
Nishant is a hard worker. He takes pride in his work. He has learned selling techniques. He has accompanied top salesman. He has no problem asking for advice and doing whatever needs to be done to learn the business. He has cheery attitude and is a real "team player and giving the company 150 percent at all times. It has been a tough quarter for Nishant, but he is doing his best to achieve his sales targets. He feels that failure to make quota during this past quarter results not from lack of effort but just bad luck in the economy. But he is now hopeful in the next quarter. Nishant is upset with Gulshan for having him attend the coaching session because this is the first time in three years that his sales quota has not been met. He exceeded the sales quota this year yet had not received a "thank you" or "good job" for those efforts. The entire experience has left Nishant demotivated and questioning his future with the company.
Navin is happy to have his job at Gulu's Snack Company although he really doesn't like sales work that much. Navin accepted this position because he felt that he wouldn't have to work hard and would have a lot of free time during the day. Navin was sent to coaching mainly because his customer satisfaction reports were low; in fact, they were the lowest in the company. Navin tends to give scanned presentations and does not listen closely to customers’ needs. Consequently, Navin makes numerous errors is new sales orders, which delays shipments and loses business and goodwill for Gulu's Snack Company. He thinks that the coaching session is a waste of time. He doesn't socialize with others in the office. He attributes other's success and promotions to "who they know" in the company rather than their hard work. He feels that no matter how much effort is put into the job, he will never be adequately rewarded.
For three of the last five years Nikhil was the number one salesperson in the division and had hopes of being promoted to sales manager. When Gulshan joined the company, Nikhil worked closely with Gulu Jr. to help Gulshan learn all facets of the business. Nikhil thought this close relationship with Gulu Jr. would ensure his upcoming promotion to the coveted position of sales manager. He goes late for appointment or misses them entirely. His sales performance declined dramatically, which resulted in a drastic loss of income. Although Nikhil had been dedicated and fiercely loyal to Gulu Jr. and the company for many years, he is now looking for other employment. Nikhil is bitter and resentful of his current situation and now faces a mandatory coaching session that will be conducted by Gulshan.
a) How three needs identified by McClelland are related to worker behaviour in each situation? (5 Marks)
b) How is expectancy theory related with the 3 employees? Explain. (5 Marks)

Email ID: [email protected]
AKANSHA – 9773820734 (WHATSAPP)


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