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Get December 2018 NMIMS Solutions - Solved MBA


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Course : Cost & Management Accounting

Question 1 Amman ,Namman, Pulkit and Amit started with a fast food restaurant, couples of years
back. This year all the partners of the restaurant are planning to come up with a chain of restaurant
in the city and therefore wants to employ some additional staff. One of the partner, gives an
advertisement for recruitment in the Newspaper, for the position of Cost Accountant as well as
Management Accountant. However, Mr. Shinde, the HR manager of the restaurant is confused
about difference in the functions performed by the Cost Accountant and Management Accountant.
Discuss how you will convince Mr. Shinde that both the profiles have certain specific set of functions

to be performed, which are different from each other. 

Question 2 PrachiPvt Ltd manufactures two types of wooden boxes, using certain common facilities.
The following cost data is presented to you -
Box A Type Box B Type Units produced 2000 3000 Direct Labour hours per unit 1 2 Machine hours
per unit 5 7 Set up machines 10 15 Orders 10 20 Machine activity expenses Expenses incurred to
set up the machines ||Expenses in relation to the orders received Rs 500000 Rs50000 Rs 15500
Calculate the overhead per unit absorbed using the most practical and effective approach, which
gives relevance to the casual relationship of cost drivers to activities. Also, discuss the approach in
Question 3 A product X passes through two processes. The output of Process I becomes the input
of Process II. The quantity of raw material introduced into process I is 20000kgs @ 20 per Kg. The
additional cost incurred and output obtained for one of the month under review is as under-
Process I Process II Direct Material 80000 50000 Direct Labour 60000 20000 Production Overhead
24000 11000 Normal Loss 5% 2% Output 18500 18200 Loss resalable as scrap per unit Rs10 Rs 5
Calculate i. Value of Abnormal gain/ loss in Process I

ii. Value of Abnormal gain/ loss in Process II



Or Mail us at [email protected]
AKANSHA – 09773820734



Or Mail us at [email protected]
AKANSHA – 09773820734

Course : Enterprise Resource Planning

Q.1. Navneet Motors showroom does a lot of business. The salespeople are always running from
customer to customer, scrambling to meet the customer expectations and make them feel important.
In this chaos, a salesperson could miss an opportunity to take note on a customer and the product
he may be interested in. To address this issue, the general manager of the showroom has recently
implemented a dealership performance CRM solution which his sales staff can use even on the go
with the help of their mobile devices. This allows the members of the sales team to leave their desks
and sell products to the customers face-to-face without losing any minute details of the customer.
The salespeople can enter customer details into the CRM system because it is quick tool to use and
convenient a sit is accessible through their phones. They are reminded later to go back in and edit
each prospect on their computer. Identify three benefits and challenges Navneet Motors will face
using the CRM module from any vendor. Justify your answer. 

Q.2 Nutrilite Health company (NHC) offers a wide variety of health products. Their company s
products continually compete with other companies products for shelf space and sales. Currently,
NHC s employees perform every business task by either passing paper, or calling each other on the
telephone. As with standard , traditional business processes, there are usually traditional company
structures that back up those processes. NHC s structure contains a Corporate HQ (CHQ),
distributed processing plants, distributed sales regions, and a centralized marketing group. The use
of slow business processes, and subsequent slow data communication has affected the orders for
health products. Sales representatives place orders through mail or by fax. Twenty workers at CHQ
open, sort, and enter 500,000 orders per week into the system. This information is transmitted daily
from the Central Marketing Facility to a minicomputer at each of Nutrilite's processing sites. This
daily order specifies the total demand for each processing center. The processing center then

produces the amount of health products ordered and ships out the orders. Shipping managers at the
processing centers assign the shipments to various transportation carriers, who deliver the product
to receiving warehouses located in the regions. Some sales representatives have more than eighty
customers. NHC has been struggling lately to deal with the competition because of the old school
methods of performing day-to-day tasks and activities.
Discuss how integration of all the departments could help the organization to deal with competition.

Q.3. Vedant hospital is the provider of healthcare in West India. It wants to look for an integrated
system to manage the full patient lifecycle from registration, screening, ongoing healthcare to
satisfaction surveys. The hospital wishes to use the real-time patient records to streamline
processes and improve patient experience, measure patient relations thereby improve the quality of
care. It also wants to provide an online patients self-service portal ensuring patients can freely
manage their own relationships with their healthcare provider. It aims to integrate all the core
business processes to get better insights, have better control over the financials, automate orders

and invoices, manage inventory.

a) What are the factors the management must keep in mind while selecting a vendor for the

integrated system. 

b) In your opinion, what are the factors that influence the performance of ERP systems in the post

implementation phase? Give a justification for the top selected factor



Or Mail us at [email protected]
AKANSHA – 09773820734


Or Mail us at [email protected]
AKANSHA – 09773820734


Essentials of HRM

1. Sanskruti Ltd. is an apparel manufacturing company. Lately it was observed
that the absenteeism as well as the employee turnover has increased
tremendously. An external consulting firm was roped to understand the entire
concern. The report presented by the consulting firm specified that the workers
are dissatisfied with their job roles as well as they find no career planning and
progression which is affecting the overall organisational productivity. Discuss
the objectives as well as merits of career planning which can be included to
make the employees happy and satisfied in Sanskruti Ltd.
2. Kadambari Enterprises, which is a family managed business in the area of food
manufacturing (Indian Snacks) has grown over the years. The business turnover
has now become 500 crore. The organisation never had a concept of performance
appraisal, the employees were given raise based on their seniority and relationship
with the management. Sneha the new heir of Kadambari Enterprises wants to
change the entire outlook and bring in the latest Performance Management System
to bring parity and justice for the employees. You have been selected as the head

HR and have been asked to present the benefits of appraisal and best PMS for
Kadambari Enterprise.

3. Sameera is a fresh MBA graduate and has joined as a Trainee- Talent
Management in Fresoc Ltd. It is her first week at work and she is all geared up for
some great learning. To her disappointment she is just handed over some
brochures to read. After a fortnight she is assigned some task to work on. Sameera
is really confused as she does not have any job clarity and work is being assigned
to her randomly. The entire month after joining Fresoc Ltd has been a very
demotivating as an outcome she resigned from her services.

a. Do you think that the induction of Sameera was wrong? Justify your answer

b. What could have been an ideal situation where young talent like Sameera would
have been retained?


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